Smidyn amalgamated territorial community

Created on October 29, 2017.  The community consists of ten settlements – Smidyn village,  Paryduby village, Lisniaky village, Rudnia village, Kukuriky village, Siomaky village, Zhuravlyne village, Zachernechchia village, Bilychi village, Vysoke village. The population of the territorial community is 4311 people. The area of the community territory is 218.2 square  kilometers.

Smidyn village is a community center. It is one of the largest and most ancient villages of Volyn. The first exact date when a village called “Smedyno” is mentioned in written sources is May 26, 1508. There are several assumptions about the origin of the name of this locality. Some history researchers believe that the name of the village comes from the word “copper”. The parish chronicle records that during the Polish domination Smidyn was the place of exile for criminals who mined copper ore here. Other researchers say the village was named after the farmer Smed  who owned the land on the territory of the present village in ancient times.

The location of the community is attractive for investment as it is only 49 km to the Yahodyn  customs checkpoint and 36 km to Kovel. The international highway M 07 Kyiv-Kovel is only 12 km away.

There are 6 general secondary education institutions, 4 pre-school establishments, 6 cultural establishments on the territory of the community.

Polissia Challenge Cup cross-triathlon competitions are held in the community annually. The traditional route of the competition runs from Somyn Lake (Somyn village of Turiisk district) to the village of Smidyn of Starovyzhiv district. Number of participants – more than 150 people.

The Partner of the competitions is Krasnystaw gmina of Lublin Voivodeship, Republic of Poland.

During the lifetime of the community, a number of projects have been implemented jointly with USAID COUNCIL Program, U-LEAD with Europe, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, E-Governance for Accountability and Participation (EGAP) program funded by the Swiss Confederation that is run by the Eastern Europe Foundation and Ukraine Global Scholars.

In 2019, Smidyn amalgamated territorial community was ranked as “Crystal of the Year”, where the best communities are ranked according to the common methodology implemented by USAID DOBRE and U-LEAD with Europe.

Smidyn ATC has implemented projects jointly with the following international institutions:

The head of the community is Oksana Pitsyk. Prior to that she was a teacher-organizer in the Secondary School of  I-III grades of Smidyn village and a Chairman of Smidyn Initiative and Smidyn NGOs.  

Contacts: Hrushevskoho 9, Smidyn village, Kovel district, Volyn region,

+38-068-382-17-43 e-mail:


вул. Грушевського, 9 с. Смідин, Старовижівський р-н, Волинська обл., 44453

+380 68 382 1743